Compact sized crystal production machines

Vacuum Seam Welding Machine (Single Type)

Control No
  • AKV610A
  • Patent No4130218
  • Patent No5780594

Model No.



This machine performs X-axis seam welding on proudcs following the welding of the Y-axis of the lid under vacuum atmosphere. This machine is also equipped with an automated exchanging device for roller electrodes.


  • Performs seam sealing on X side of ceramic packages under high vacuum conditions of 1.1 x 10-3Pa
  • Conserves running cost of N2 (up to 200-300K JPY per month).
  • Contributes to the maintenance of operations rates by providing automated electrode roller exchanging function.
  • Improves the detection of abnormalities by welding current monitoring function.
  • Attains rapid recovery from a shutdown due to power failure by employing a turbo molecular pump for the main vacuum pump.


Compatible Works SMD crystals, crystal oscillators
Vacuum Exhaust System Degree of Vacuum 1 x 10-3Pa (dry pump + turbomolecular pump)
Cycle Time 0. 6 sec. per pc.
Outer Dimension W1300XD1400XH1700㎜ (excludes monitor and indicating light)
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