Compact sized crystal production machines

Blank Mounter (Reverse Rotating Turret Type)

Control No
  • AKV604A
  • Patent No4829262
  • Patent No5845546

Model No.



This machine loads blanks with high accuracy by correcting the position of blanks and packages via image adjustment following the dispensing of conductive adhesive on the blanks of crystals and oscillators.


  • Delivers precise dispensing resulting from less restriction by needle shape, as compared to dispensing on cavity shape packages.
  • Enables user to use normal air pulse type dispensers, as it is possible to dispense bond from the upper direction following inverting blanks.


Compatible Works SMD crystals, crystal oscillators
Loading Accuracy X,Y direction within ±0.015㎜ θdirection within ±0.3°
Cycle Time 0. 9 sec. per pc. * Excludes tray exchanging time, and carrier exchanging time
Outer Dimension W1300XD1300XH1600㎜ (Excludes monitor, indicating light and shift conveyor etc.)
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