Compact sized crystal production machines

N2 Seam Welding Machine

Control No
  • AKV609A
  • Patent No4520474
  • Patent No5574207

Model No.



This machine performs lid tacking on crystal or oscillator lids under an N2 atmosphere, and seam welding on the one side of them.


  • Loads lids with high speed and high accuracy by employing a turret table.
  • Enables user to perform seam welding on one side of a lid via roller electrodes for a lid tacking device.
  • Accommodates standard transfer jigs (174 x 134 mm).


Compatible Works SMD crystals, crystal oscillators
Dew Point inside Machine approx. -45℃ (Measures dew point of inside via dew point meter)
Roller Electrode Enables to adjust load via spring pressure
Outer Dimension W1100XD1000XH1700㎜ (excludes monitor and indicating light)
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