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Temp. Slope Inspection Machine

Temp. Slope Inspection Machine

Control No
  • AKV617A

Model No.



This machine inspects frequency temperature slope characteristics on TCXO for GPS in steps of 1 degree.


  • High speed and high accuracy temperature slope inspection machine provides 100% total inspection.
  • Performs continuous and rectilinear temperature variation inspection for the range of -35 to 85 degrees via Peltier temperature control plates. (Slope measurement ranges are for -25 to 75 degree.)
  • Supplies works via designated carriers by having 80 cavities performs temperature slope inspections on the carriers.
  • Accommodates small-sized ceramic packages.


Compatible Work SMD TCXO
Scanning Temp Range -35 to 85℃ (by Peltier)
Insp. Specification Slope Measurement Range -25 to 75℃ (Temp. Change at -35 to 85℃)
Temperature Gradient 0.2℃ / sec
Heat Rising /Lowering Property of Frequency
Temp. Property of Frequency
Outer Dimension W1000XD850XH1500㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light, and chiller)
  • Compact sized crystal production machines

  • Crystal oscillator and TCXO production machines

  • Tuning fork crystal production machines

  • Thermistor crystal production machines

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