Temp. Characteristics Adjustment Inspection Machine for TCXO

Temp. Characteristics Adjustment Inspection Machine for TCXO

Control No
  • AKV616A
  • Patent No3777395
  • Patent No5802931

Model No.



This machine performs temperature characteristics inspections for the highly accurate TCXO (on 5-point), following the adjustment of frequency temperature characteristics (on 7-point). It then writes the adjusted value.


  • Realizes high-throughput via the parallel processing of the temperature control buffer stage and sub PC.
  • Provides a range of temperature control stages from low to high temperatures.
  • Performs temperature control on the carriers transferred by the index, via Peltier temperature control plates.
  • Eliminates the need for manual insertion to the socket, as an automated transfer system is available for the transfer process from trays to transfer carriers.


Compatible Work SMD TCXO
Temperature Range -40 to 85℃ (Peltier)
Inspection Item ST1: initial inspection
ST2 to 8: ADJ 1to 7 (Low Temp. ST. x 3, +25℃, High Temp. ST3)
ST9: ROM Writing
ST10 to14:TC test 1to 5 (Low Temp. ST.x 2, +25℃, High Temp. ST x 2)
Outer Dimension W1600×D11850×H1580㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light, and chiller)
  • Compact sized crystal production machines

  • Crystal oscillator and TCXO production machines

  • Tuning fork crystal production machines

  • Thermistor crystal production machines

  • Sensor device production machines

  • Semi Conductor-related machines

  • Transfer-related machines

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