Inspection, Marking and Taping Machine

Inspection, Marking and Taping Machine

Control No
  • AKV618B
  • Patent No4876230

Model No.



This machine performs electrical characteristics inspections, marking and taping at high speed via turret transfer.


  • Realizes high speed and low vibration transfer via turret transfer.
  • Enables user to exchange nozzles easily by using opening and propping structures for the turret table.
  • Enables user to perform highly reliable measurements, including measurements for the high frequency products, by employing secured structure at the measuring probe.
  • The newly developed taping machine can be utilized to design high speed transfer and high accuracy positioning.


Compatible Work SMD Crystal Oscillator, TCXO
Work Supply Parts Feeder
Cycle Time 0.45 sec/pc
Outer Dimension W800XD800XH1600㎜ (excludes monitor and indicating light)
  • Compact sized crystal production machines

  • Crystal oscillator and TCXO production machines

  • Tuning fork crystal production machines

  • Thermistor crystal production machines

  • Sensor device production machines

  • Semi Conductor-related machines

  • Transfer-related machines

  • Lens assembly machines

  • Camera Module-related machines