Temp. Characteristics Adjustment & Inspection Macnine for Gyro Sensor

Temp. Characteristics Adjustment & Inspection Macnine for Gyro Sensor

Control No
  • AKV626A
  • Patent No5923696

Model No.



This machine inspects and adjusts output characteristics by rotating the angular velocity sensors (gyro sensor), at a constant angle, under any temperature conditions.


  • Performs angular velocity control for angular velocity sensor with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Performs high accuracy temperature control by utilizing the Peltier temperature control plate. (-40 to +105℃) (continuous method)
  • Minimizes space and saves electric power and water. (no cooling water needed)


Compatible Works Angular Velocity Sensor
Temperature Range -40 to 105℃ (by Peltier)
Angular Velocity Measuring Range 0 to 600deg/sec. (0.01deg/sec. Resolution)
Outer Dimension W800XD900XH1700㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light, and chiller)
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