Sensor device production machines

Temp. Characteristics Adjustment & Inspection Machine for Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

Control No
  • AKV628B
  • Patent No4598781
  • Patent No4560057

Model No.



This machine performs temperature characteristics inspections for atmospheric pressure sensors. Supplies parts from trays, retrieves them, and sorts them into storing trays or NG boxes after inspecting the parts by having 160 pcs. unit,


  • Performs high accuracy temperature control by utilizing the Peltier temperature control plate.
  • Equipped with multiple stages for measurement from low to the high temperatures (-30 to +85℃), and performs an adjustment inspection for multiple pieces simultaneously. (Patch Type)
  • Performs pressure control at applied temperature.
  • Stores parts by sorting the good quality products into good products trays and defective products into NG trays, after completing inspection.


Compatible Works Atmospheric Sensor
Temperature Range -30 to 85℃ (by Peltier)
Pressure Range 10 to 170kPa
Outer Dimension W1650XD1250XH1750㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light, and chiller)
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