Lens assembly machines

Lens Assembling Machine (In-Line Type)

Control No
  • AKV639B
  • Patent No5610658

Model No.



This machine dispenses bond, and performs curing, via UV irradiation at high speed, then assembles each lens parts. This enables the user to work with up to 9 parts without changing sizes. Further, enables the user to recombine supplied and precessed units according to assemble processes.


  • Enables user to work with up to 9 parts without changing sizes of machine.
  • Picks up lens parts via a supplying robot, measures the lens gate position via a camera, and supplies them into carriers on the index table.
  • Enables users to perform multiple dispensing and circumference dispensing via the bond dispenser unit.
  • Performs UV irradiation through pressurization via a pressure pin, and performs temporaly curing of the bond. Performs UV irradiation at 3 stations in order to shorten cycle time.
  • Accommodates both the drop-in or build-up approach, by changing the supplying order for each parts.


Compatible Work Lens Unit for Camera Module
Transfer Method Exclusive Hard Tray
Cycle Time 2. 5 sec. per pc.
Outer Dimension W4100XD1700XH1750㎜ (2-split off structure)
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