Lens assembly machines

Lens Assembling Machine for Automotive (with ATC Head)

Control No
  • AKV640N
  • Patent No5610658
  • Patent No6190329

Model No.



This machine achieves operating rate improvements via an automated exchanging function (ATC) for the pick-up nozzles, which are usually exchanged manually by each lens Accommodates multi-products by executing the UV irradiation securing function and the riveting function by heating press-fit, on the same index.


  • Sets nozzle for using parts of each lens (as one set) to the machine in advance. Enables user to exchange nozzles automatically due to the automated nozzle exchanigng function.
  • Allows user to maintain a good operation rate due to the automated nozzle exchanging function.
  • Performs pressurizing, dispensing bond, and UV curing on the index.


Compatible Work Lens Unit for Automotive
Exclusive Nozzle Automated Exchange Function (ATC, AKIM PAT.)
Cycle Time 1. 0 sec. per pc. x numbers of parts
Outer Dimension W2300XD1450XH1750㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light)
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