Thermistor crystal production machines

Thermistor Chip Mounter

Control No
  • AKV622A
  • Patent No4829262

Model No.



This machine loads thermistor chips with a high degree of accuracy following solder coating on the crystal packages.


  • Equipped with dispenser temperature control function, 0-point needle height detecting function, and soldering position feed-back function. Also stabilizes solder coating and high accuracy soldering position.
  • Realizes loading accuracy at ±0.02mm via newly developed image recognition method.
  • Performs chip picking with high accuracy via image processing.
  • Compatibility with connecting In-Line to the post process (reflow oven)


Compatible Work Crystal with thermistor
Loading Accuracy within±0.02㎜ for X,Y direction and ±0.3°for θdirection
Cycle Time 1.0 sec/pc
Outer Dimension W1300XD1300XH1600㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light, and shift conveyor)
  • Compact sized crystal production machines

  • Crystal oscillator and TCXO production machines

  • Tuning fork crystal production machines

  • Thermistor crystal production machines

  • Sensor device production machines

  • Semi Conductor-related machines

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