Tuning fork crystal production machines

Temp. Characteristics Inspection Machine for RTC

Control No
  • AKV621A
  • Patent No3777395
  • Patent No5802931

Model No.

ARTI860PF(Feeder Type)
ARTI860ST(Stick Type)


This machine performs Open/Short & Zero reset, temperature characteristics adjustment (5-point), all open, and normal temperature inspection, for the high accuracy RTC products. It stores them automatically after sorting them into the good products, the products to be re-inspected, and NG products.


  • Realizes high-throughput via the parallel processing of the temperature control buffer stage and sub PC.
  • Provides a range of temperature control stages from low to high temperatures.
  • Performs temperature control on the carriers transferred by the index, via Peltier temperature control plates.
  • Eliminates the need for manual insertion to the socket, as an automated transfer system is available for the transfer process from supplying area to transfer carriers.


Compatible Work RTC (Real-time Clock)
Temperature Range -40 to +85℃ (Peltier)
Inspection Item Open/Short Check, and Zero Clear
Temperature Characteristics Adjustment
All Open
Temperature Characteristics Inspection
Normal Temperature Inspection
Outer Dimension W1560XD1850XH1580㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light, and chiller)
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