Semi Conductor-related machines

Chip Mounter (Transfer Type)

Control No
  • AKV633A
  • Patent No4829262
  • Patent No5076111

Model No.



This machine performs die bonding for IC chips via turret transfer at high speed.


  • Dispenses and load chips to the assembled substrate.
  • Achieves a high speed cycle time of 0. 35 sec. per pc. by employing a turret table.
  • Achieves a high loading position accuracy of ±0. 0015mm to accommodate micro-sized parts.
  • Loads chips on assembled substrates directly, after pasting a moderate amount of bond on the chips during turret transfer. Thus, prevents bond quality deterioration due to drying bond and improves the yield rate.


Compatible Works Small Sized Electronics Component
Loading Position Accuracy  X, Y Direction within ±0.015㎜ 
Cycle Time 0. 35 sec. per pc.
Outer Dimension W1000×D950×H1700㎜ (excludes monitor, indicating light)
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