Company overview

Corporate vision

Management Principles

To establish a relationship of mutual trust with our customers, “to create new value and to take on the challenges of ultra advance technology”, To consummate the growth of AKIM and nurture the happiness of all employees, To contribute to the development of society

Management Policy

  • To satisfy our customers with highly unique and thoroughly attractive products.
  • To strive to be a vibrant company respecting individuality and encouraging challenging spirit of employees.
  • To respect mutual humanity and diversity of cultures.
  • To observe corporate ethics as a member of society.
  • To contiribute to the efforts of saving energy and protecting the global environment.

Intellectual property policy

  • To aspire to originality and ingenuity by nurturing each employee’s spirit for continuous improvement, innnovation, and taking on new challenges, while acting as a unified member of the AKIM Company.
  • To promote engagement in intellectual property activities by all employees in order to strengthen the company’s foundation.
  • To create ingenious intellectual property and provide customers with innovative value and satisfaction.
  • To actively protect intellectual property rights in order to establish and maintain superior competitiveness.

Greeting from the President

Since its establishment in October of 1999, we have been providing customers with various production equipment such as lens units, camera modules and sensors by utilizing advanced technology developed by production equipment of crystal devices.

In recent years, with the continued advancement of the information age, the trend continues to be an increase in high-speed and high-volume communications, and wireless systems developed by IoT or AI technology. There is also explosive global demand of tablets headed by smart phones and high functionality, in the current electronics field, along with the automotive industry driving towards automated driving.

The bar on engineering technology is raised higher everyday for manufacturers of production equipment such as ours. By utilizing the latest technology and know-how that we have amassed over many years, we are developing high speed production equipment in response to ever-increasing demand for miniaturization, lower-profile, and high-precision systems. We offer our customers proposals and ideas with optimum solution systems. By providing high quality and added value, we continue to strive to be the industry leader.

Hiroshi Kurihara, President

Company overview

Name of company AKIM Corporation
Establishment of AKIM October 1st, 1999
Officer Hiroshi Kurihara, President
Shojiro Imai, Senior Managing Director
Minoru Taguchi, Managing Director
Shizuko Kurihara, Auditor
Location 〒355-0045
860-12 Miyahana, Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama, Japan
TEL : 0493-35-1140
FAX : 0493-35-1141
  • About 5.0km from Tsurugashima IC. Turn right at the Minami gymnasium.
  • About 5.2km from Sakado-Nishi Smart IC.
  • About 6.1km from Higashimatsuyama IC.
  • 7 minutes from Kita-Sakado station of Tojo-Line by car.
Number of Employees 80
Primary Business
  1. Development, design, manufacturing and sales of automated assembly machines for electronics components.
  2. Software development and sales
The Closing Day September 30th.
Banks Saitama Resona Bank, Ltd. Sakado Branch
Musashino Bank Sakado Branch
Saitamaken Shinkin Bank Tsurugashima Branch
Hanno Shinkin Bank Sakado Branch
Overseas Base
China Factory
AKIM (Suzhou) Automated Equipment Co., Ltd.
Establishment of AKIM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. April 1st, 2011
Location 39 Middle Suhong Rd., Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China
TEL : 0512-6281-8237
FAX : 0512-6281-8270

Origin of the Company Name

The letters, “K,” “I,” and “M” originate from the entrepreneur’s initials and became the basis for the company’s name and logo.  The letter “A” was added to the front of the name, symbolizing the old legend “Three Arrows.”  The story is about how Mori Motonari, a famous warlord ruling during turbulent feudal times in Japan, taught his three sons the importance of unification and cooperation in order to address crises and difficulties.  He used a euphemism of arrows: three arrows banded together are stronger than each one alone. The logo depicts the unified power of three arrows banded together and aiming upward to a summit.  In other words, our company logo symbolizes the spirit of all employees uniting and contributing collaboratively so that AKIM may continue to be the industry leader.

Company History

  • 1999

    Established AKIM Corp.

  • 2000

    Commenced development and sales of crystal-related equipment

  • 2001

    Become eligible for receiving preferred status under enterprise basic act by Saitama regional government.
    Commenced sales for overseas customers (e.g., Taiwan, Korea and China)

  • 2002

    Developed high speed temperature characteristics inspection machine
    Developed high speed lid tacking machine

  • 2003

    Developed temperature characteristics inspection machine for automotive sensor
    Established 2nd factory

  • 2004

    Developed die bonder for automotive sensor

  • 2005

    Developed temperature characteristics inspection machine for TPMS sensor

  • 2006

    Developed crystals In-Line production system

  • 2007

    Certificated as a company to be supported by Saitama integrated intellectual property management support
    Developed high speed inspection machine (by turret transfer) for crystal devices

  • 2008

    Developed vacuum seam welding machine

  • 2009

    Commenced development and sales of high speed production line for crystal devices
    Received the “Sai-no-kuni” (Saitama Prefecture) special grand prize of industry and technology
    (Temperature characteristics inspection machine for acceleration sensor for automative)

  • 2010

    Awarded by the samll and medium enterprise of Saitama Prefecture for “an outstanding” business model and “Sai-no-kuni” (Saitama Prefecture) special grand prize of industry and technology
    Awarded the special prize (Vacuum seam welding machine)

  • 2011

    Developed flip chip bonder
    Founded AKIM (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu, China)
    Awarded “Shibusawa Eichi” Special Business Grand Prize
    (High speed inspection and taping machine for tuning fork crystals)

  • 2012

    Awarded “Shibusawa Eichi” Business Grand Prize Technology sector (Seam Ring mounter)
    Developed tuning fork crystals productioon line
    Established 3rd factory

  • 2013

    Developed active alignment machine for CMOS camera module
    Awarded with “Brilliant Company” as representatives of Saitama prefecture int the nine cities of Kanto for engineering and Industry
    Developed EDLC assembly inspection line

  • 2014

    Developed high arruracy IC die bonder
    Developed CMOS image sensor handler

  • 2015

    Developed high speed lens assembly machine
    Developed Temperature characteristics inspection machine for thermistor

  • 2016

    Developed high speed active alignment machine for CMOS camera module
    Developed high speed loadig machine for piezo element

  • 2017

    Developed themister crystals production line
    Developed active alignment machine for automotive

  • 2018

    Completed new factory building